How to get Swish

  1. Download the app "Swish betalningar" to your mobile device.
  2. Log in to the bank app.
  3. Tap on the menu (three bars).
  4. Tap on Other services.
  5. Tap on Swish
  6. Tap on Order Swish
  7. Enter the mobile number you want to connect to your account and press “Send verification code”. Enter the code, which you receive by text, and press Continue.
  8. Choose the account you want to connect to your mobile number, and choose whether you want to be able to ”Send and receive payments” or ”Only accept payments”.
  9. Read and accept the terms, then press Continue.
  10. Approve with a Mobile BankID or a security token.

How to pay with Swish

  1. Open the app ”Swish betalningar” in your mobile device.
  2. Enter recipient, the amount and, if you want, a message. You can also scan a physical QR code (for example in a store) with the camera on your mobile device. The data is then filled in automatically. 
  3. Accept the payment with a Mobile BankID.
  4. Done!

Read more about Swish (in Swedish)