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IBAN - an international standard for bank account numbers

IBAN is an internationally agreed standard for bank account numbers used in connection with international payments. The payment recipient's IBAN must be given for payments in euros within the EU/EEA and Switzerland, and may also be required for other currencies and countries. IBAN was developed by ECBS, the European Committee for Banking Standards. The aim of the standard is to make payments within this region more secure and faster.

Remember to provide your foreign payers with details of your IBAN and the bank's BIC (SWEDSESS).

IBAN account numbers should be written on invoices etc. in groups of four digits:
e.g. SE28 8000 0832 7900 0001 2345.

N.B.: You cannot use the calculator to work out IBANs for accounts held at other banks.

-Enter the full Swedbank/Savings Bank account number without space or punctuation marks, and press the "Calc" button.

- If your clearing number/account number begins with 7xxx, you should enter e.g. 71041234567.

- If your clearing number/account number begins with 8xxx-x, you should enter e.g. 832791234567890.

IBAN Calculator


IBAN Calculators

Calculate IBAN for accounts in other countries within the Swedbank Group.





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