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With our insurance, you and your belongings will have really good protection. If you want to know more about our insurance policies, please contact your local branch office or Contact Centre. You can also learn more and buy insurance if you log in to the app or Internet Bank.

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Household insurance

We offer one of Sweden's best household insurances, regarding to the independent comparison site Konsumenternas.

It is not required by Swedish law to have household insurance, but 90% of Swedish households have it. The purpose of taking out comprehensive household insurance is to protect your home and property. Comprehensive household insurance also includes liability insurance, legal protection, assault and robbery protection, and travel insurance.

We offer household insurance with comprehensive insurance coverage without a lot of additions, and with a simple and flexible claims settlement procedure. There is no extra fee if you choose to pay on a monthly basis.

Vehicle insurance

No matter what vehicle you drive, we have an insurance policy for you. We have insurance for cars, light trucks, RVs, trailers and snowmobiles. Just like our home insurance, you get comprehensive protection without a lot of extra add-ons, and a claims procedure that’s straightforward and flexible.

Protection insurance

We can also offer you insurance to protect you and your family in case of illness, disability, unemployment, or death. Swedbank offers life insurance, disability insurance, total and permanent disability insurance, unemployment insurance, and insurance for children.

Insurance discount

If you choose to insure both your home and car, you will receive up to 15 percent discount on all your insurance. The offer is not time-limited and is valid upon the signing of an annual agreement.


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