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Savings accounts, funds, bonds or shares? We offer many different forms of savings. If you want to know more about what they include, whom they suit and what risks they carry, please contact your local branch office.

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Savings accounts

By saving in a savings account you keep your savings safe from market changes and with large availability. An e-sparkonto can be opened and managed in the Internetbank or App. Fasträntekonto and Sparkapitalkonto can be opened and managed in the Internetbank.


A fund is a collection of securities, bonds and/or shares that you own together with all others who save in the same fund. The fund is managed by designated fund managers who work to make your investment grow. A fund containing shares is considered to have higher risk but also gives the opportunity for higher returns. Funds can be stored inside an ISK (Investment savings account), allowing for convenient and favourable handling of taxes.

Risk information: Historical growth does not guarantee future growth. Funds can increase and decrease in value and you could lose your money. Fact sheet and information brochure see Fund list

Saving tip!

One of the easiest and most effective ways to save money is to make automatic withdrawn to your saving account.

Fact sheet for Funds

Fact sheet for the funds that you can buy via Swedbank and Savings Banks, you will find in the Fund list.