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Buying a home

Women an children standing on ladders painting house.

Here you can find useful information and help towards completing your home purchase.

  1. Can you afford it?

    We can help you with a housing estimate so that you know what you can afford. Apply for a pre-approved mortgage now so that you are prepared when you find your dream home.

  2. When you have found your home

    Once you have found your home, contact the bank, even if you have already obtained a loan commitment. This is to make sure that all the conditions in your pre-approved mortgage apply for the object in question. If you are buying a house, the bank will help you calculate costs for land registration and the mortgage deed.

  3. Examine the home

    It is important to carefully inspect the home you are going to buy so that there are no costly hidden faults. Your broker can help you find an inspector who will make a professional assessment. When buying a tenant-owners right, it is important to look at the finances of the association.

  4. When you have made your decision

    When you and the seller agree on the price, you will write a purchase contract with the broker. Among other things, the purchase contract should include the purchase price, downpayment and date of access. At this time, the downpayment will also be paid, most often 10% of the purchase price. You can apply for a downpayment loan with us, which must be redeemed when you gain access to the dwelling, no later than after six months. If you do not buy via a broker, we can offer you legal advice via Familjens Jurist or Lexly.

  5. Book a meeting

    We want to help you with everything regarding your household finances, savings and safety for your family as well as the home, so your life can be as carefree as possible.

  6. Mortgage and interest

    Buying a home might be the biggest purchase some people make in their lifetime. In addition to the mortgage, we will also help you with advice regarding the choices of fixed interest and how you can combine them. Our general advice is to divide the mortgage into several parts and mix them with variable interest and fixed interest.

  7. Security for the mortgage

    If you have purchased a house, the bank will help you to take out a mortgage deed (2% or the mortgage amount) if you need to borrow for the purchase, and to apply for land registration (1.5% of the purchase price) in order to register you as the owner. If you have purchased a tenant-owners right, the bank will help you register the mortgage for the tenant-owners right with the building association.

  8. Remember the insurance

    Don't forget to get a home insurance policy when you get access to your new home. With the help of the insurance company Tre Kronor, you can get insurance on your house, apartment and holiday house.

  9. What about all the legal stuff?

    How protected are you and your family? With help from Familjens Jurist or Lexly, you can be prepared for all of life's unique scenarios.

  10. Access

    You and the seller will meet on the day of access, usually in the broker’s office. The bill of sale will be signed if you are buying a house. Your loans will be paid out and any downpayment loan will be redeemed while, at the same time, the bank will also make sure that any loans that the seller has will be redeemed.