Why do we need information about you?

The Money Laundering Act requires banks and other financial companies to have good knowledge regarding their customers' finances and the business relationship with the customer. As a bank, we also have an obligation to continuously monitor that the information we have is up-to-date. This is why we ask you questions when you visit a bank branch, by letter or on the online bank and app.

Why is there a law regarding money laundering?

The purpose of the Money Laundering Act is to prevent banks and other financial actors from being used to launder money derived from, for example, crime or to finance terrorism.

What are we asking about?

The questions we ask might include how much money you plan to deposit in your accounts with us or send to accounts abroad. We may also ask in which country or countries you are tax resident. This information is used, among other things, for a correct risk assessment.

We ask all of our customers questions and your answers are always treated within the scope of bank secrecy.

Why am I asked questions in the Internet bank or app?

One way we get up-to-date information about you and other customers is by asking questions in the Internet bank and the app. Consequently, you will be prompted to answer the questions directly when you log in.

If you do not answer the questions after three logins, or within six weeks, the online bank and the app will go into lockdown mode. Once the questions are answered, you can use the online banking and the app as usual. It only takes a few minutes to reply. If you need help or guidance, please contact us.

Why do I receive questions by letter?

Another way to get up-to-date information about you and other customers is to ask questions by letter. The letter from us contains a questionnaire which you fill in and then send back to us in the reply envelope.

What happens if you fail to answer?

If we do not receive the information we ask for, we need to take action. This could mean, for example, that your account or banking services are blocked. If we are unable to contact you to follow up on our business relationship, we may terminate your account and related services.

Need help or guidance?

Please feel free to contact us at +46 771-60 65 08 if you have any questions. If you are a customer of a savings bank, you can find contact details on your savings bank's website.

Want to know more?

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